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Designed for all types of audiences


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Solar I Screen protection I Night riding


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Complete with a range of accessories and endless possibilities

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Solar filter

US10 polarized lens with UV400 to reduce glare. Ideal for protection from sun exposure.

Screen protection filter

Reduces migraines, visual fatigue and improves sleep. Lens with Anti-Blue Light filter.

Night driving filter

Y75 Enhanced polarized lens with UV400 for glare-free vision, reducing glare.

Add colour to your glasses with clips and temples!

New glasses every day thanks to our collection of accessories.
Change the style to suit every occasion, look and mood!

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We manufacture on demand, so there is no need to buy any stock of frames meaning there is absolutely no investment!

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More reach and visibility for your shop across various media channels

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The comfort of ultra-light glasses thanks to our high-tech materials.

ULTEM 9085 is certified by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) as a high-tech polymer used in the aviation industry. This lightweight and flexible polymer allows FLiPO glasses to weigh only 20 grams.



Quality Certifications


FDA: Material used in the aerospace industry due to its high resistance to high pressure

ECO: Environmentally friendly production

Temperature: Resistance to temperaturechanges up to 180°C

Hypoallergenic: Material used in surgical instruments.



Your FLiPOs are created with a series of qualities that make them unique.


Maximum adaptability and comfort thanks to:

AdjustFit™ adjustable temples

Change and adjust the temples of your glasses for a better fit.


Ergonomic bridges

Specifically designed for prolonged use. Does not leave any marks.

FLiPO has all typesof prescription lenses.

In collaboration with HOYA

FLiPO lenses are made of organic CR-39 material, which guarantees exceptional quality and durability.

We make eyewear with monofocal, progressive and occupational lenses.

The progressive lenses we offer are produced in Japan by our supplier, a world-renowned leader in lens manufacturing. world leader in lens manufacturing.

They employ the most advanced technologies available, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and visual clarity.

Our opticians will advise you throughout the process.

Treatments included in our lenses:

  • Hardened and scratch resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Anti-reflective Plus
  • With the Hydrophobic treatment, drops and splashes of water will not leave a trace for greater comfort and aesthetics. comfort and aesthetics!
  • Repellent to grease, stains and water
  • Low maintenance
  • Longer life
  • Eliminates reflections
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A model designed for people with style.


Our model for a modern yet elegant finish.

About FLiPO

FLiPO is the first brand to achieve 100% fully interchangeable glasses.

We put the lenses and the vision. We let you put the colour and style.We have worked on creating a versatile, innovative and high quality product.

Best of all, this is just the beginning!

There are more than 50 of us in the team, with a very clear work philosophy: all-for-one.


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